1. the pick-up time is your Departure time - 3 hours - travel time.
We will send you an e-mail on 3 days before your pick-up day for
the actual pick-up time.

2. Terminal No. Check. There are 2 terminal in Narita Airport. We will notify you the terminal No.
Please  check the terminal No. with the driver.

3. Go to Air-line counter to check-in your luggage.

3. Go to Immigration. 

4. Shops inside the airport: They sell in retailer suggested price, it's means no discount, most of the time is expensive than on the market.

5. Bon Voyage.



If you are going to send luggage direct to the airport:

for safety reason, they will delay 1 day to send any luggage to the airport.

Please send your luggage as early as possible.

@ Airport Pick-up Service

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Tel:  +81-80-3206-6705